SmartIndustryCon-2023 PROGRAMM

The List of Accepted Reports
(on 21 Feb 2024)

Authors Name, Paper Title
Chapter 1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Industry 4.0
12829V.A. Fedorov
Recognizing Railway Infrastructure Using CNN and Stereoscopic Vision
12837E.A. Saltanaeva, S.M. Kutsenko, I.P. Alekseev
Image Classification Task Automation Using Neural Networks
12840D. Korobkin, V. Shcherbinin, S. Fomenkov
The Analysis of Images of Mathematical and Chemical Formulas from Patent Documents
12844I.I. Eremina, E.A. Saltanaeva, S.M. Kutsenko
Development and Testing of an Artificial Neural Network Model to Analyse Data, Image Data
12850L. Kamaletdinova, A. Romanov, N. Yarushkina
Industrial Data-Driven Control
12853K. Svyatov, I. Khairullin
Obstacle Avoidance Method with Local Semantic Map Generation for Self-Driving Cars
12861S. Vasyukov, V. Kabakov, A. Maсovey
Application of Machine Learning Methods to Determine the Movement of a Car Using a MEMS Accelerometer Signal
12876Yu. Kuvayskova, A. Izyurova, N. Krasheninnikova
Hyper-Parameter Selection of Machine Learning Models for Predicting the State of a Technical Object
12900O.A. Ivashchuk, D.V. Goncharov, V.I. Fedorov
Digital Technologies for Assessing and Predicting the Impact of the Spatiotemporal Distribution of Greenhouse Gases on the Photosynthetic Activity of Crops
12901I. Zelichenok, I. Kotenko
L/STIM: A Framework for Detecting Multi-Stage Cyber Attacks
12919Khanh Doan Huu
A Speed Prediction Model Using A HIL Simulator and Neural Network for Cargo Ships
12923D. Kutuzov, A. Osovsky, D. Starov
Properties of 5G Video Conference Traffic and Short-Term Forecasting of Input Data Rate
13020O. Galai, D. Kurdiumov, A. Rusak
Machine Learning Methods of Symptom Extraction from Medical Notes
13080A. Akhmedova, I. Zhazhneva, O. Matrenina
A System for Processing Large Volumes of Text Information Using Neural Networks
13149N.V. Smirnov, A.K. Seneva
Automation of Athletes Identification in an Image
13155T.V. Basоva, Yu.S. Andreev
Maintenance of Operable Condition of a Flexible Production System through the Development and Implementation of a Method for Cutting Tools and Workpieces Operational Control
Chapter 2. Digital Twins Technologies
12856M. Nizamutdinov, V. Martynov, Z. Davletova
Technologies of Human Digital Twins as a Basis for Decision Support for Strategic Planning of Territorial Development
12883A.M. Gataullin, D.F. Gubaev, R.V. Gataullina
Development of Digital Twin Technology for Power Transformer Diagnostics Based on the Partial Discharges Method
12909Yu.A. Gorskii, D.S. Evstratov, N.V. Melnikova
Development of the Vitrification Furnace Digital Twin Using а Digital Platform
12982S. Nesterov, V. Baklanov
Development and Application of Incomplete Digital Twins for Studying Processes in Ferrofluid Sealer
13007I. Lepekhin, N. Arkhipova
Impact of the Statistical Properties the Input Data for Mathematical Models in a Digital Twin Environment
13157A.V. Solovyev
Digital Twins of Document Archives
64004Yu.S. Shevnina, L.G. Gagarina, E.V. Konyuhov
Modeling of a Digital Twin of an Automated Production Process
Chapter 3. Data Mining and Big Data Analytics
12859Sh.R. Yakhin, R.I. Galiev, Sh.F. Rakhmankulov
Development of a Combined Model for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Measures in a Distributed Network and an Algorithm for its Interaction with a Relational Database
12887M. Bulygin, D. Namiot
On the Smart Card Data Privacy in Public Transport
12890Yu. Sherstyuk, A.A. Musaev, D.A. Grigoriev
Production Experience Storage Systems as an Element of Intelligent Decision-Making Support
12892N.C. Vanroye, A.I. Vlasov
Technical Statistics Processing for Performance Management in Cellular Networks
12897I. Shevtsova, N. Dneprovskaya
A Method for Introducing Big Data into State Organizations
12928Dung Nguyen Thi Thu, L.V. Chernenkaya
A New TSK Gaussian Fuzzy Inference System with Principal Component Weight
13013D. Rakov
Combinatorial Explosion Problem of Big Data Analytics by Morphological Approach
Chapter 4. Cloud and High-Performance Computing for Smart Factory
12843A.I. Martyshkin
Development and Analysis of Mathematical Algorithms Models and Processes Synchronization Functions in Operating Systems for Embedded Reconfigurable Computing Systems
12867M.Yu. Romashikhin
Implementation of Regular Topologies for NoCs Based on schoolMIPS Soft-Processor Cores
12945D. Moskvitin
Forward Erasure Correction Code for Short-Delay-Sensitive Messages at the QUIC
12968N.A. Sabirov, R.F. Gibadullin
Parallel Processing of SQL Queries Using MPI.NET
Chapter 5. Industrial Internet of Things
12869V.E. Kostin, A.A. Silaev, R.Yu. Borzin, A.G. Kravets
Cyber-Physical Systems in Pond Aquaculture
12898D.V. Goncharov, V.I. Fedorov, O.O. Ivashchuk
Methods, Models and Hardware-Software Complex of Distributed Monitoring Based on Iot and Blockchain Technology
12910A. Ebraheem, I. Ivanov
OptIoT: A Domain-Specific Language For Optimizing IoT and IIoT Infrastructure
12955B. Remizov, S. Tretyakov, Yu. Andreev
Edge IIoT in Manufacturing
12963A. Malyshev, A. Chugunov, S. Chernyh
Investigation of a Novel Architecture for a One-Way Ranging UWB Local Navigation System
Chapter 6. Virtual and Augmented Realities for Industry 4.0s
12888O.A. Ivashchuk, V.A. Dunaeva, I.I. Goncharova
Development of an Information System for Modeling and Visualization of Crops Growth and Development under Climate Change Conditions Using 3D Modeling and VR/AR Technologies
13005D. Rakov, M. Pecheykina
Synthesis of Advanced Data Input System in Virtual and Augmented Reality System Interfaces
13015N.M. Borgest, S.A. Vlasov, N.A. Kondrashin
Creating an Application with Mixed Reality Technology in the Field of Aircraft Engineering
Chapter 7. Cybersecurity in Digital Industry
12864M. Kalinin, M. Poltavtseva
Big Data Security Evaluation by Bidirectional Analysis of Access Control Policy
12885A.V. Bykasov, A.N. Sokolov, A.M. Boger
Trust Model for Active Scanning Methods, Ensuring their Secure Interaction with Automated Process Control Networks
12913V. Zolotarev, A. Oleynikova, B. Zakhir
Dynamic Playbooks Quality Metrics
12918E. Ichetovkin, I. Kotenko
Modeling Attacks on Machine Learning Components of Intrusion Detection Systems
12972G. Uteyev, R.F. Gibadullin
Development of the Decentralized Biometric Identity Verification System Using Blockchain Technology and Computer Vision
12973Z. Gizatullin, R. Gizatullin, M. Nuriev
Analysis of Signal Integrity and Distortion in Twisted Pair in a Multilayer Printed Circuit Board
12985A.A. Zakharov, A.M. Shabalin, K.S. Kruchkovsky
Features of Creating a Virtual Laboratory for Developing and Applying Correlation Rules in Modern SIEM-Systems when Training Security Operation Center Analysts (by the Example of Microsoft Windows)
12986A. Sychugov, M. Grekov
Automated Penetration Testing Based on Adversarial Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Chapter 8. Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
There are no accepted papers in this chapter
Chapter 9. Industrial Robotics
12827M.V. Vartanov, V.L. Nguyen, E.A. Kogan
Evaluating the Use of Support Vector Machine Models for Contact State Identification of Non-Rigid Cylindrical Parts during Robotic Assembly
12828M.V. Vartanov, E.A. Kogan, Van Linh Nguyen
Analysis of Deformability of Non-Rigid Cylindrical Parts during Robotic Assembly Using a Force Torque Sensor
12839N.V. Belov, A.G. Vovik
Adaptive Control System for the Process of Sorting Objects Using a Robotic Arm
12860M. Popov
An Industrial Inkjet Control System: The Methods and Approaches
12868B. Skorohod, A. Liashko
Dynamic Positioning of Underactuated AUVs Using Visual Servoing
12896S. Sukhorukov, N. Shusharin
Command System for a Robotic 3D Printing Complex Using DED Technology
12903A.D. Arslanov, R.S. Kashaev, O.V. Kozelkov
System of Oil Express Flow Control on the Basis of Proton Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry
12905O. Filipovich, V. Kamtsev, M. Maistrishin
Movement Control of a SCARA-Type Manipulator via the Brain-Computer Interface
13042P. Bezmen, O. Emelyanova, S. Jatsun
Mathematical Modeling of Tethered Platform Vertical Flight
64001V.G. Kozyrev
Control of the Electric Drive Shutdown by Applying the SDRE Method
64003M. Gorkavyy, Yu. Ivanov, M. Melnichenko, A. Gorkavyy
Research the Potential for Energy Saving and Maximizing Productivity in Rectilinear Transitions of a Collaborative Robot